How to clean the filter element of the water dispenser


1. First separate the upper and lower sections of the filter element first, and then rinse the upper filter element (ceramic) with clean tap water. At the same time, you can use a clean new toothbrush that has not been brushed to brush the surface of the filter element.

2. Fill the upper filter element with about half a pot of tap water, then shake the filter element up and down vigorously several times to pour out the remaining water. So many operations can make the filter element pores unblocked.

3. Fill the lower filter element with tap water, pat the mouth with the palm up and down, let the lower filter element shake, and use tap water to clean the filter material. Repeat this several times until the tap water flowing from the lower filter element becomes clear.

4. Although the filter that comes with the water dispenser has a certain bactericidal effect, after long-term use, the filter element of the filter will be contaminated by bacteria accumulated for a long time, so the water dispenser with a filter should be regularly Clean and, if necessary, replace the filter element.

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