How to use and maintain the water dispenser


1. When using the water dispenser for the first time, clean the containers and pipes of the water dispenser with clean water, then unscrew the drain valve, and then tighten the drain valve after draining the remaining water in the machine. After adding a large bottle of water, turn on the hot water faucet, plug in the power supply and turn on the heating switch after the water flows out, to avoid dry burning and prolong the life of the machine.

2. The handling machine should be handled with care. When moving the water dispenser cooled by the compressor, it should be kept upright as much as possible. If it is to be tilted, the tilt should not be greater than 45 degrees, and it must be stationary for a period of time after handling before it can work. .

3. It is best to disconnect the power supply when not in use at night, which can save energy and ensure safety when no one is using it.

4. If the water dispenser is out of use for a long time, please turn off the machine switch and unplug the power plug, then unscrew the drain valve, drain the remaining water in the machine, and then tighten the drain valve (please pay attention to hot water burns during the draining process).

5. The water dispenser should be placed in a ventilated place to prevent moisture, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from heating. The water dispenser should be about 15 cm away from the wall. The water dispenser should not be placed near valuable furniture and other household appliances, so as not to damage the items by splashing water. The water dispenser must be placed smoothly to prevent the machine from making noise.

6. During the use of the machine, it is recommended to clean and sterilize it once every 3 months or so according to the specific situation. After using it for one year, you can ask professional maintenance personnel to clean the smart seat and the inner tank.

7. If the power cord is found to be damaged, the water dispenser must be replaced with a special cord or contact the dealer. The machine must use a socket with a grounding device and a leakage protector to prevent the case from being charged.

8. It is forbidden to use organic solvents such as gasoline to clean the surface of the machine.

9. Do not pass the metal rod into the ventilation window of the back panel, so as not to damage the fan or cause electric shock; do not cover the ventilation window of the fan, so as not to damage the semiconductor refrigeration components due to poor ventilation and poor heat dissipation, resulting in bad conditions.

10. Children should not play next to the water dispenser. If necessary, replace the hot water faucet with a safety faucet to prevent scalding children.

11. When pressing the faucet to connect the water, do not use too much force, so as to prevent the turning part of the hand from falling out or being damaged.

12. For the water dispenser using compressor refrigeration, when the refrigeration power is disconnected, it must be restarted after 3-5 minutes to prolong the life of the machine.

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