Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of fireplaces


Fireplace form:

Traditional wood burning stove (carbon burning) - Gas fireplace - Electric fireplace - Alcohol fireplace

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of different fireplaces:

Wood burning fireplace advantages: Western tradition, enough heat

Disadvantages: Due to the need for chimney or flue discharge of smoke and dust, so the housing structure and space requirements are relatively large; burning wood, waste of resources; smoke and dust, not easy to clean; there are real fire, chimney flue gas, there are security risks

Gas fireplace advantages: the gas as a heat source, high efficiency, low cost; by convection heat radiation heating, heating mode from However comfortable

Disadvantages: a real fire; still need flue; with flammable gas as energy (natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas) there is always a certain safety hazard

Electric fireplace advantages: electricity for energy, without any pollution, viewing and heating can be arbitrary choice, viewing power consumption 50W-200W, heating power consumption 800W-2000; simulation fire, watching the heating at the same time to prevent the real fire may cause safety Hidden trouble

Disadvantages: a small change in flame, imitating less than the real fire changes the flame effect; can not be used in the power outage

Alcohol fireplace Advantages: the new darling of the modern fireplace market, decorated mainly for the purpose of modeling to get rid of the traditional restrictions, full The sense of the times and the modern sense of style diversification, size, according to customer preferences custom product modeling, specifications. Easy to maintain, simple to maintain, as it does not generate flue gas dust, safer, as it produces no exhaust gas, it is safest in all types of fireplaces and is less expensive than other traditional fireplaces. Consumer pursuit of inexpensive mentality

Disadvantages: heating effect is less than several traditional fireplace, alcohol burning time is not long enough; real fire there are security risks, but relatively small compared to the traditional real fire fireplace.

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